Psoriasis Sufferers Find it Difficult to Get Close to Their Partners

Psoriasis Can Create Relationship Issues

There has probably been a time in most of our lives when our skin condition has interfered with our personal lives.

Luckily, we can often move past it by educating the people in our lives.

Psoriasis relationship problems

People suffering from psoriasis often find it difficult to form new relationships and maintain existing ones, due to lack of self-confidence and embarrassment. They constantly worry about the acceptance of their skin condition by their significant others. As per a global ‘Clear About Psoriasis’ Survey, 43 percent of psoriasis patients have faced trouble in relationships, owing to the skin disease. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition which causes patches of raised, red, scaly skin that are usually painful and itchy.

Living with psoriasis can be difficult at times, both physically and emotionally. It can have a serious impact on relationships of all kinds, including family, friends, and romantic partners. Of the patients that admitted to the impact of psoriasis on their relationships, a staggering 50 percent avoided having intimate relationships and 33 percent felt that they were inadequate as a spouse or partner.

According to Dr Soma Sarkar, Dermatologist and Medical Director, Skin Inn Clinic, Mumbai, ‘Many patients feel that psoriasis gets in the way of their relationships eventually impacting their self-esteem and confidence. Patients with untreated psoriasis tend to become reclusive. It is important to understand that psoriasis is not contagious but lack of knowledge makes it common for patients to shy away from social events and interactions. This further leads to social isolation. Knowledge about psoriasis will go a long way to create public empathy.’

Source: People suffering from psoriasis find it difficult to get closer to their partners, says survey

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