Gold Bond Psoriasis Relief Cream Review

Gold Bond Psoriasis Relief Cream Review

Gold Bond Psoriasis Relief Cream Review

For those with psoriasis, even wearing short sleeves can be an ordeal. Rough, flaky patches of skin can cover any surface of the body, and it can take years for patients to find relief. Gold Bond has been a leader in skincare and itch relief for decades, treating everything from diaper rash to jock itch. Keep reading to see how does with treating psoriasis.

Gold Bond Psoriasis Relief Cream


Symptom Relief


Speed of Results


Absorption Speed



  • Inexpensive compared to some other options.
  • Absorbs well through scales and flakes.
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Could spread easier.
  • Stings a little if applied to broken skin.

What Is Psoriasis?

Before delving into a review of the Gold Bond Psoriasis Relief Cream, it’s best to define what psoriasis actually is. Psoriasis is a skin disorder in which a person’s skin cells grow more rapidly than normal. The result is a number of swelling, red patches of skin all over the body. These red patches usually have white scales, although the size, shape, and number of patches varies by person. Typically, psoriasis shows up mostly on elbows, knees, the scalp, and lower back.

Psoriasis isn’t contagious, and it can affect the entire body or just certain parts of it. Most people develop this skin condition in their early adult years. Sometimes, the flaky patches of skin will heal, but may show up again over time.

There are actually different types of psoriasis, with one of the most common being plaque psoriasis. This involves those tell-tale red patches of skin with silvery scales. They may itch or cause pain, and if scratched, they can crack and bleed.

Pustular psoriasis affects the palms of the hands and bottoms of the feet while guttate psoriasis is found on the torso and limbs, usually during childhood. Erythrodermic psoriasis causes the skin to shed sheets of scales, and can be worsened by sunburn.

Inverse psoriasis involves red lesions on the armpits, groin, and in other skin folds. Doctors aren’t sure of the exact cause of psoriasis, but there are many treatment options available. Of those, creams are very popular and can provide instant relief from dry, itchy skin rashes.

Gold Bond Psoriasis Cream

Gold Bond Ultimate Psoriasis Relief Cream

This Gold Bond cream contains 3% Salicylic Acid to hydrate and soothe itchy, flaky skin patches. Salicylic acid helps to remove excess skin from the body, relieving psoriasis sufferers from those annoying red and white patches.

The acid works by exfoliating the skin, first by interacting with the top layer of skin and causing it to swell up. Then, the skin gets softer, allowing the excess to fall or peel off. Salicylic Acid can be too strong for some people, which is why the Gold Bond lotion only contains 3% of it.

The Gold Bond brand is famous for its “seven intensive moisturizers,” which can help to soften and soothe skin for psoriasis patients. These seven moisturizers include aloe, glycerin, hydrolyzed jojoba esters, jojoba esters, methyl gluceth-20, petrolatum, and stearamidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate.

Aloe heals wounds, glycerin treats skin rashes and irritation, and jojoba mimics the skin’s natural serums. Methyl gluceth-20 is a conditioning humectant or moisturizer, similar to petrolatum. Finally, stearamidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate is a surfactant, meaning it helps to improve the interaction between the cream and the skin.

Gold Bond creams and lotions also include three primary vitamins for skin healing and health. Vitamin A improves skin elasticity, Vitamin C improves overall skin health and appearance, and Vitamin E protects the skin from lipid loss.

Gold Bond Psoriasis Relief

Using Gold Bond Psoriasis Relief Cream

This cream is easy to use and is available in many nationwide retailers, including Target, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart. While the lotion is thicker in consistency, it doesn’t take long at all to absorb into the skin. It is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, and while the absorption could be better, this cream doesn’t get cakey or slimy on the skin.

The salicylic acid may feel a bit tingly on the skin, especially during a flare up, but it shouldn’t be painful. One potential downside is that the cream is white, like most other lotions. It would be great if it came in a gel consistency, as it’s harder to blend white creams into the skin, especially on rough, scaly patches. Moisture or sweat can cause the cream to streak or run.

Overall, the Gold Bond Ultimate Relief Cream for psoriasis does a good job of relieving the itching and toning down swelling and redness. If used on a daily basis, it may be able to keep psoriasis under control and flare ups at bay. Individuals should always use it as directed and keep a diligent skin care routine for their psoriasis.

This Gold Bond solution may be a prime candidate for those who want relief without a prescription medication or ointment.

Warnings and Considerations

A few warnings about this product. First, there is very little information about stearamidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate. It may be best for patients to discuss this with their doctor beforehand. Secondly, different remedies work for different people.

Just because Gold Bond works amazingly well for some folks, that doesn’t mean it will turn out well for others. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but it’s worth a shot for those who aren’t allergic to the ingredients.

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