Jonathan Van Ness Talks Psoriasis, Skin Care, and Self-Acceptance

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness is just one of many popular figures to come forward about their struggles with psoriasis.

It always helps me to know that there are other people out there that are dealing with psoriasis related issues.

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The world currently knows Jonathan Van Ness as the lovable, hilarious, long-haired personality on Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye, which has quickly become something of a sob-inducing phenomenon since it first aired in February. As one-fifth of the Fab Five, Van Ness’s role as The Groomer is to make the show’s participants feel like their best selves via grooming makeovers — and by empowering them with the tools to get the same results on their own. It’s not hard to see how skilled the hairstylist is at connecting with contestants on-screen, but two weeks ago, Van Ness resonated with people in a totally new way when he opened up about having psoriasis on Instagram.

As someone who struggles with a chronic skin condition herself, I was eager to hear what he had to say in person about his experience — and just as I expected, he didn’t disappoint. Ahead, find out how Van Ness cares for his psoriasis, what he wants others with the condition to know, and how he finally found self-acceptance through it all.
“I use this steroid cream [called] Enstilar, which is like a foam and is super expensive because it’s not covered by insurance, but it really lays it all down. It really sticks on your skin for a while, which I love, [because] I’ve tried some other prescription creams and oils, but you can tell they just come off fast. Also, other ones I’ve used it take like two weeks to control the flare-up, but I swear to god I use the Enstilar three nights in a row and it’s gone for a minute.”

Source: Jonathan Van Ness Talks Psoriasis, Skin Care, and Self-Acceptance: Exclusive | Allure

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