80% of Psoriasis Patients Faced Discrimination or Humiliation

80% of Psoriasis Patients Faced Discrimination or Humiliation

I know that I’ve felt like people were staring at me before, but I had no idea it was as widespread as this.

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A global survey conducted by Novartis, Clear About Psoriasis, found that more than 80% of psoriasis patients face discrimination or humiliation due to the disease.

This is the world’s largest global survey to date. It involved 8,338 participants with moderate-to-severe psoriasis across 31 countries, with the objective of understanding the physical and psychological impacts of psoriasis on a patient.

Source: Study: 80% of psoriasis patients faced discrimination or humiliation

Have any of you experienced people staring at you (or worse) because of psoriasis? If you feel like sharing with us, it may just help other out!

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