Pool Fitness Can Hold the Key to Staying in Shape for Psoriatic Arthritis

Pool Workouts

A lot of people are finding that pool workouts are great for those of us with arthritis and other joint issues. Having full body resistance and some buoyancy to take the weight off of the joints makes it a no-brainer.

duluthnewstribune.comAquatic exercises offer a natural resistance when you’re underwater, and movements are very low-impact on bones, muscles and joints, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Anyone can take this class, Martinsen said. There are many modifications to make it a hard workout or beginner-friendly, and students with injuries tend to feel more secure in the water.

Martinsen picks movements for class that will hit the big muscle groups, and she wants to activate the areas that students use in day-to-day activities.

Source: A splash of fitness: Aquatic exercise takes the pressure off in more ways than one | Duluth News Tribune

Has anyone ever tried doing pool therapy to stay in shape and get some arthritis relief?

I’ve recently had more and more arthritis symptoms so I’m starting to look for good ways to keep going for as long as possible.

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