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Skincare Guru Could Save the NHS Millions

Hanna Sillitoe believes she’s found a “cure” for psoriasis and other skin conditions. It’s hard to argue with her results. After 20 years of hiding in the house and staying covered up, she is now mostly free of her skin conditions and has written a book outlining her new found diet.

If any of you have similar stories, I urge you to share your experiences with others. This blog has been very satisfying so far with all the messages I get! Even helping one person is great!

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A woman who claims she cured her chronic skin care problems with a bespoke diet claims she could save the NHS millions with her meal plan.

Hanna Sillitoe, 38, from Manchester suffered with psoriasis, acne, and eczema for 20 years before developing her own anti-inflammatory diet rich – swapping caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy and wheat for leafy green vegetables, cold-pressed juices and coconut oil.

After penning a book of her favourite healthy recipes, the author has shared images of the dozens of readers from around the world who say her diet has helped them with their own skincare woes.

Before she discovered her ‘cure’, Hanna was constantly in pain and felt so self-conscious she became ‘lazy, fat and was covered up all the time’.

Source: Skincare guru claims she could save the NHS MILLIONS | Daily Mail Online

Drew Barrymore Claims Aloe Vera Meat “Suctioned” Redness From Her Skin

Drew Barrymore has been over on Instagram talking about the benefits of using aloe on her skin. She seems to be a little off track as aloe doesn’t really suck anything out of your skin. It is, however, a great moisturizer that I willing to be most of us have used.

Ever experience aloe sucking redness from your skin? I didn’t think so.

Psoriasis News Storm - Gurus, Drew Barrymore and Microbes
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It’s #beautyjunkieweek over on Drew Barrymore’s Instagram feed, which means the Flower Beauty founder is sharing her favorite beauty tips, overstuffed beauty-storage drawers, and self-care hacks with her fans. The celebration took an interesting turn when, over the weekend, Barrymore took followers on a skin-care roller-coaster ride as she tested out a natural beauty remedy.

“I know this looks weird, but I had a giant bite or reaction on my face,” she captioned a selfie on Instagram. “Anyway, I tried the age old myth of aloe vera. Nothing. Then figuring I had nothing to loose, I dug out the meat of the live plant stalk, which I cut off a plant in my yard and then kept in the refrigerator to reuse, the juice you can squeeze out simply did nothing. So placed a small chunk of it right on my skin.” Barrymore added that she left the aloe meat on her skin for three to four hours.

Source: Drew Barrymore Claims Aloe Vera Meat “Suctioned” Redness From Her Skin | Allure

Microbes are Inspiring a Massive Shift in Medicine

One of the UK’s top scientists has a theory that certain cancers and autoimmune diseases are caused by a lack of exposure to microbes at an early age. He believes that this exposure at an early age helps to prime the immune system and helps to strengthen it.

I’m not sure how I feel about that theory but it’s interesting and could potentially help someone in the future.

Psoriasis News Storm - Gurus, Drew Barrymore and Microbes
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Bacteria may be part of the key to good health.

The most common form of childhood cancer may be caused by a lack of early interaction with germs, one of the UK’s top scientists has claimed.

Professor Mel Greaves, from The Institute of Cancer Research, London, assessed the most comprehensive body of evidence ever collected on acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, which affects about one in 2,000 children.

Greaves “has amassed 30 years of evidence to show the immune system can become cancerous if it does not ‘see’ enough bugs early in life”, reports the BBC.

Source: Why microbes are inspiring a massive shift in medicine | The Week UK


As you’ve probably noticed by now, a majority of the latest advances that are helping psoriasis are coming out of Europe. I’m not sure why but that definitely seems to be the case.

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