This Legal Stem Cell Treatment is Helping Patients in Texas

Stem Cells helping psoriasis sufferers in San Antonio, Texas

Stem Cell Treatment is Helping Patients in Texas

This stem cell treatment is having great results for some patients in San Antonio, Texas.

It’s interesting to me that this isn’t allowed across the United States.

The treatment is possible because of a state law that passed in September. House Bill 810 was the first law of its kind in the nation. More News Headlines BCSO deputy’s life-saving transplant harder to get for some other cancer… How stem cells can extend stroke treatment window

It’s been a long wait for Dr. Wendy Askew, not only to perform the newly legal stem cell therapy but also to receive it.

“I have an autoimmune condition called psoriasis and (it’s) really bad. I have 80 percent involvement on my body. So when it was at its worst, like a lizard, I had plaques covering my arms, my legs, my back,” Askew said.

Askew spoke in past tense because an outbreak that severe hasn’t happened since her first stem cell treatment in October, one month after HB 810 passed.

“In 18 years, I have not been able to go without treatment this long,” she said.

The treatment can be used for anything from arthritis to multiple sclerosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Source: Newly legal stem cell treatment helping patients in San Antonio

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