Woman Claims She Cured Her Psoriasis with Veganism

Woman Cures Psoriasis With Veganism

A 20-year-old woman from Cornwall claims that she’s cleared up her psoriasis with a plant-based diet. Jessica Belshaw has sufferered with psoriasis since she was 13.

It’s a condition which causes skin cells to produce faster than your body can shed them, leaving red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covering the sufferer. It can be incredibly itchy and sore.

Jessica first noticed spots on her torso, but as she could easily cover them up, didn’t tell anybody about it until she was 15 when she was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis after small red patches started spreading over her entire body.

By covering up – even in the height of summer – Jessica avoided stares from outsiders until her skin condition was affecting her hands, when she started noticing people moving away from her. This woman claims she cured her psoriasis with veganism

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