6 Psoriasis Treatments That Are Too Good to be True!

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Psoriasis Treatments That Are Too Good to be True

Beware of phony psoriasis treatments that seem too good to be true. Some of the ways that you can spot these types of products are by looking at their return policy and seeing if there is deceptive wording or if the company has had complaints about not honoring their return policy with places like the Better Business Bureau.

Psoriasis Remedies that may be too good to be true

Another way to spot phony products is in their ingredients. Zinc is a topical treatment that offers some relief for psoriasis sufferers. However, zinc as an oral supplement has not been shown to help with psoriasis symptoms.

Neem Oil is another ingredient that can commonly be found in over the counter psoriasis treatments. Neem Oil is found in many cosmetics and even some insecticides. While it may make plaques appear to look better, it has not been shown to have any positive effect on psoriasis symptoms.

If you’re considering a product and concerned that it’s a scam, pick up the phone. Takeshita suggested talking to your doctor about possible new treatments. If you suspect you’ve been prey to a bogus psoriasis treatment, you can report it to the health care section of your state attorney general’s office for investigation. According to Joe Peters, a spokesman for the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, “the complaints surrounding these products usually include allegations of misrepresentations surrounding a so-called free trial offer, deceptive or useless return policies, unauthorized charges, refusal to accept returns or refund money, and issues with efficacy, such as the product not working as advertised.”

The full article can be found here: 6 Too-Good-To-Be-True Psoriasis Treatments

For examples of over the counter psoriasis treatments that aren’t a scam be sure to check out our reviews of the best psoriasis creams and best psoriasis shampoos!


Top Home Psoriasis Treatment – Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream Review

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Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream Review – The Best Treatment Cream for Psoriasis

Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream is a cream formulated specifically to treat the ugly scaling and burning redness that comes from psoriasis. The FDA approved ingredients each target a specific symptom of psoriasis to give you relief!

Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream

Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream

Symptom Relief


Speed of Results


Absorption Speed



  • Uses FDA Approved Ingredients.
  • Soothes the skin and starts working immediately.
  • Cost effective alternative to other creams that can cost close to $600.
  • Backed by a reliable company with 90 day return policy.
  • Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.


  • Takes 4-6 weeks of treatment to really eliminate the inflamed appearance of skin.
  • Only available online.

Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream treatment for psoriasis

About the Company

Revitol is a Health and Beauty company that was founded in 2002. Their company mission is “To deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to our customers.”

This can be seen in their development of innovative products that are designed to help their customers meet the health challenges they face. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is one of the things that has made them a trusted name in the Health and Beauty sector.

How Does Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream Work?

The cream was designed by some of the field’s best researchers in FDA approved labs with active ingredients designed to reverse the damage done to skin by psoriasis.

It has the following active ingredients:

  • Salicylic Acid is used to help peel away the current dead skin and stop any itching.
  • Vitamins E & A to smooth the skin and assist in healing.
  • Palm Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera combine to penetrate and moisturize the skin.

 Who is Dermasis Psoriasis Cream for?

Anyone with any type of psoriasis should be interested in this product.

If you’re embarrassed to wear shorts, a t-shirt or a bathing suit, then I’d urge you to give Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream a try. Not having to worry about what people are thinking when they look at your skin is an amazing feeling!

best over the counter cream for psoriasis


Applying Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream is easy and only takes a minute or so. Just wash the area and rub the cream onto any areas affected by psoriasis. It helps eliminate the symptoms of any type of psoriasis, including psoriasis of the scalp.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Make sure it’s completely absorbed before you put clothes over the area so you don’t get any stains.

You can put it on up to 4 times a day.

Does This Cream Actually Work to Relieve Psoriasis Symptoms?

I have psoriasis on my right hand, fingers and knuckles. My whole life I just suffered with cracked, bleeding, itching and burning skin. So what do I think…

…I wish I had found this cream years ago!

best home treatment for psoriasis

Just walking up to someone and shaking someone’s hand has always been an embarrassment. I can’t tell you how great it is to shake a stranger’s hand with confidence!

I believe this is the best over the counter psoriasis cream on the market. Try it for yourself and see how well it works.

Revitol has a 90 day return policy for a full refund on all of their products so there’s no risk in trying it.

Advantages of Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream

  • Uses FDA Approved Ingredients to treat and eliminate the effects of psoriasis.
  • Backed by a reliable company with hundreds of positive reviews.
  • Cost effective alternative to other creams that can cost close to $600.
  • Soothes the skin and starts working immediately to minimize appearance of psoriasis.
  • Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue like many other over the counter psoriasis creams.

Drawbacks of Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream

  • Takes 4-6 weeks of treatment to really eliminate the appearance of inflammation on the skin.
  • Only available online.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

==> Stop suffering and give it a try today!  (Follow this link to purchase straight from the manufacturer) <==

Customer Reviews:

Geneva Murdle:

 I swear as soon as I was done rubbing Revitol into my skin, I felt a million times better. Nothing has worked as well or as quickly as Revitol’s cream. Finally getting that itch gone once and for all is a wonderful feeling.

Bob Milliner:

 Lots of companies make claims about their products and only a few actually follow through. Revitol is one of the companies that actually follow through. 

I actually bought one of their facial creams a year ago so when I started getting fed up with my Psoriasis symptoms I checked to see if they had something. When I found their product I ordered it immediately and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!! Another great product from a great company. 

If you’ve been having major problems, I wouldn’t recommend anything other than Revitol.

Clare Marks:

 Annoying. Irritating. Unsightly. Flaky. Dry. Embarrassing. Lots of labels for psoriasis but only one solution that works. I tried one bottle first and the first day I put it on my skin, I ordered three more because I knew how much I’d be loving it. Highly recommended from a psoriasis sufferer that is completely over it.

Hillary Scott:

 I don’t know why every news channel isn’t talking about Revitol’s psoriasis cream. It’s by far the best over the counter product I’ve tried and it works fast. 

I guess I’m kinda glad I can keep it all to myself, but if the news ever heard about this it would be all over the country! Great product that totally delivers.

Peter Brooks:

 I went to my dermatologist and he finally suggested a treatment but it cost $575 and I had absolutely no money for that. After I gave him a hard time he recommended Revitol’s cream. He told me it had the ingredients my skin needed so I trusted him and gave it a shot. 

I’ve tried other OTC creams before and they all just made the itching and flaking worse. So when I tried Revitol and it actually felt great on my skin, It was a huge relief – not only for my skin but for my worries. 

After a few days I didn’t even need to use it anymore and now I keep a few bottles in my house at all times to make sure I’m never caught without one. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time.


Where can I buy Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream?

You can purchase it directly from from the manufacturer.

What is the best cream to get rid of psoriasis?

I believe that Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream is currently the best over the counter (OTC) cream to get rid of psoriasis.

Is this product safe for psoriasis on the face?

Absolutely! Everything in it is safe for your use on psoriasis on your face.

Can I use this cream on psoriasis on my feet?

Just like psoriasis on your face, this product will work on psoriasis on your feet. Simply massage it in and let it absorb before you put on your socks.


Does UV Light Treatment Help Psoriasis – A Psoriasis Phototherapy Guide

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UV light treatment has been helping people get rid of their psoriasis for a very long time. Sunlight is the original psoriasis treatment and is still one of the most effective ways to treat this autoimmune disease.

What is UV Light Treatment for Psoriasis?

UV light treatment (also known as phototherapy) is done by simply exposing the part of your skin affected by psoriasis to ultraviolet light. The process is done over and over until the psoriasis clears up.

UV light treatment has actually been shown to be very effective in treating a wide range of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and vitiligo, on top of psoriasis.

Phototherapy is the treatment that many dermatologists prefer over other methods. Despite this fact, it still isn’t widely used because home UV light treatment can be expensive and sometimes isn’t understood by patients.

How Does UV Light Treatment Get Rid of Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is caused by an abnormal reaction between immune cells and normal skin cells. Applying UV light to the area can kill those immune cells or disrupt the abnormal interaction between immune cells and skin cells.

By disrupting the abnormal interaction between the cells, UV light treatment reverses the inflammation of the area and allows for normal healing.

Where is UV Light Treatment Done?

In the past, UV light treatment has normally been done in a doctor’s office and usually involved stand-up, full body length lamps to treat the area. This has the side effect of exposing the entire body to UV light instead of just the area that you need to target and it doesn’t on areas that are covered, like psoriasis on the scalp.

Today’s UV light treatment is moving from the doctor’s office to the home. This allows patients to treat themselves in privacy, makes it less expensive because they don’t have to pay for a doctor’s visit every time they go for treatment, and allows them to fit it into their already busy schedules.

Home treatment is also great for anyone with mobility issues or transportation problems.

UV light treatment for psoriasis symptoms

Types of UV Light Treatment

UV light treatment comes in three forms with Narrow Band Ultraviolet B Light (NB-UVB) being the most common these days. NB-UVB systems try to produce a narrow band of light only in the ranges that are effective in treating psoriasis.

NB-UVB is also preferred because it causes side effects in fewer people, is easier to use, and has a wider range of uses in treating skin conditions.

How Effective is UV Light Treatment?

UV light treatment has been very effective in a wide range of patients. Studies show that 60-75% of people that try phototherapy achieve at least a 75% improvement in around 20 sessions! This success rate has led to quite a few hand held NB-UVB units being made for home use.

These handheld units are great for treating scalp psoriasis as well as other areas of the body.

Excimer laser treatment is another light therapy that is showing a lot of promise. It’s basically a high energy NB-UVB laser that can be very effective in treating areas with heavy plaques.

Since these areas need more light to effectively treat than other areas the laser is able to use more energy in these areas to get rid of psoriasis. The downside is that it isn’t very effective over large areas of the body.

Remission from laser treatment is generally longer than with NB-UVB treatment but cannot be done at home.

Can You Use Tanning Beds for Psoriasis Treatment?

Tanning beds often produce carcinogenic light and the power and frequency of commercial tanning beds vary wildly. If you want to try UV light therapy it is suggested that you only use a device designed for the task and only after consulting a physician.

Does Normal Sunlight Help?

Regular sunlight has been used for centuries to treat psoriasis and other skin conditions. Some people suggest using a sunblock on unaffected areas then covering the affected areas about 10 or 15 minutes after you’ve been in the sun.

You just have to be careful since sunburn can actually have the opposite effect on psoriasis and actually make it worse. Short exposure times are key.

Make sure you talk to your doctor before you decide to try sun exposure just to make sure it’s right for you.


UV light treatment for psoriasis is quickly gaining traction as modern home UVB lamps become less expensive than they have been in past. In fact, a modern UVB lamp suitable for home treatment is actually much less expensive than a full course of biologics.

Be sure to check out my review of over the counter psoriasis creams as well as over the counter psoriasis shampoos.


The Top 3 Psoriasis Shampoos – The Best Over the Counter Psoriasis Shampoo

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Scalp psoriasis is something that many people suffer from. It can be just as embarrassing or even worse than psoriasis on the body.

These three shampoos represent the best over the counter psoriasis shampoos.

Scalp Psoriasis Over the Counter Treatments - Best Psoriasis Shampoo

Therapro Mediceuticals X-Folate Persistent Dandruff & Psoriasis Shampoo

Therapro Mediceuticals X-Folate Persistent Dandruff & Psoriasis Shampoo

Symptom Relief


Speed of Results



  • Most Effective Shampoo I've Seen
  • Effective Against Many Scalp Problems
  • No Coal Tar
  • Works Quickly


  • Most Expensive of the Three Shampoos Reviewed

Therapro Mediceuticals’ X-Folate Shampoo is the best psoriasis shampoo on the market as far as I’m concerned. It’s designed to soothe the inflammation and itching that goes along with psoriasis of the scalp.

It’s the perfect shampoo for either psoriasis or very bad dandruff.

It has the following active ingredients:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Menthol
  • Panthenol
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Olive Oil
  • Linolenic Acid
  • Sulfur
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Sodium Hydroxide

PsoriaTrax Coal Tar Psoriasis Shampoo

PsoriaTrax Coal Tar Psoriasis Shampoo

Symptom Relief


Speed of Results



  • Best Coal Tar Shampoo
  • Least Expensive of the Reviewed Shampoos


  • Coal Tar Added
  • Less Effective Than No. 1 for Many People

PsoriaTrax Coal Tar Shampoo is an extremely effective coal tar solution based shampoo. If your psoriasis has been effectively treated with a coal tar based shampoo in the past, I’d recommend trying this shampoo.

Psoriatrax Coal Tar Shampoo is aimed at those with psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp.

It has the following active ingredients:

  • 25% coal tar solution (equal to a 5% coal tar)

Puriya Scalp Therapy Special Formula Shampoo

Puriya Scalp Therapy Special Formula Shampoo

Symptom Relief


Speed of Results



  • No Coal Tar
  • Most Cost Effective Shampoo for People with Bad Dandruff
  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Natural Ingredients
  • 180 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Least Effective for Psoriasis

Puriya Scalp Therapy Special Formula Shampoo is a great all around shampoo. For people with minor scalp psoriasis and heavy dandruff, this is probably the best option.

It’s designed to be gentle enough for daily use and provide moisture to the hair as well as the scalp.

It has the following active ingredients:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Arnica
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Aloe
  • Vitamin B


For psoriasis relief, I recommend Therapro Mediceuticals’ X-Folate Shampoo. It’s currently the best OTC psoriasis shampoo.

If you need a coal tar based shampoo then go for the PsoriaTrax Coal Tar Shampoo.

We had a similar experience with Puriya in the over the counter psoriasis cream review. Again the Puriya product appears to be the best all-around product for daily use to fix a wide range of scalp issues.

Any of these over the counter psoriasis shampoos should make a huge difference in the number of symptoms you experience.

Follow this link to our review of the best psoriasis cream on the market!


Psoriasis Cream That Works – 3 Best OTC Psoriasis Treatments

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Many of us spend hundreds of dollars looking for the best over the counter psoriasis creams. In this article, we take a look at three psoriasis creams that actually work!

If you’re in the market for a cream to help minimize your psoriasis symptoms, and possibly even eliminate them, look no further than these three options!

Psoriasis Cream That Works

If you’ve read our review of Revitol’s psoriasis cream, you know that I think it’s the best cream out there. I’ve had some good luck with other creams as well, so I wanted to provide people with some other options as well.

Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream

Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream

Symptom Relief


Speed of Results


Absorption Speed



  • Uses FDA Approved Ingredients.
  • Soothes the skin and starts working immediately.
  • Cost effective alternative to other creams that can cost close to $600.
  • Backed by a reliable company with 90 day return policy.
  • Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.


  • Takes 4-6 weeks of treatment to really eliminate the inflamed appearance of skin.
  • Only available online.

The cream was designed by some of the field’s best researchers in FDA approved labs with active ingredients designed to reverse the damage done to skin by psoriasis.

It has the following active ingredients:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Palm Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Moisturizers

Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream has a 90-day return policy so there is no risk involved in trying it out.

Psoeasy Psoriasis Treatment Cream

Psoeasy Psoriasis Treatment Cream

Symptom Relief


Speed of Results


Absorption Speed



  • Contains natural ingredients and dead sea minerals.
  • Very effective in treating psoriasis.
  • Makes a great cream for nighttime application.
  • No steroids, parabens or tar products.
  • Also effective on dermatitis, eczema and rashes.


  • Takes about 6 weeks to see best results.
  • Most expensive of the three creams.

Psoeasy Psoriasis Treatment Cream is designed to use the healing effects of the Dead Sea to treat skin conditions like psoriasis. People have soaked in the Dead Sea for thousands of years to gain the benefits of the healing effect of the minerals in it. Psoeasy Psoriasis Treatment Cream is one of the best over the counter psoriasis treatments there is!

It uses the following ingredients:

  •  Mahonia
  • Calendula
  • Rosemary
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Chamomile
  • Dead Sea Minerals
  • Vitamin D3

Puriya Mother of All Creams

Puriya Mother of All Creams

Symptom Relief


Speed of Results


Absorption Speed



  • Works on a wide array of rashes and skin diseases.
  • Minimizes itching and dryness right away
  • Cost effective alternative to other creams.
  • Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue like many other over the counter psoriasis creams.


  • Takes 6-8 weeks of use for full results.
  • Sometimes makes other skin symptoms worse.

Puriya’s Mother of All Creams is designed to treat many different skin conditions so it has some ingredients that may or may not have an effect on psoriasis. The upside is that it’s very versatile and is a good all-around skin cream.

It uses the following ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Safflower Oil
  • Shea Nut Butter
  • Avocado Oil
  • Amaranth Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Citric Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Rosemary


For psoriasis relief, I recommend Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream or Psoeasy Psoriasis Treatment Cream. They currently represent the best OTC psoriasis treatments available. If you’re interested in an all-around cream, then try out Puriya’s Mother of All Creams. Puriya’s Mother of all Creams is also great to ease itching.

No matter which of these creams you decide to try, you’ll finally have a psoriasis cream that works!

I’d suggest trying other home remedies as well. They can be extremely helpful!


Alternative Psoriasis Therapy – Stay Off the Prescriptions!

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Many people are looking for alternative ways to treat their psoriasis. A holistic approach to treating psoriasis has worked for quite a few people!

Below are some ideas that you can try to incorporate into your life that may let you get away from prescription meds.

Treat Your Psoriasis With Your Mind and Body


Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the current moment, as it is, with no judgment.

Try this in a seated position similar to how you would try to meditate. Focus on what is happening around you.

Your mind will wander away from the current moment from time to time. When it does, realize that it has wandered away and bring it back to the present.

Don’t get mad at yourself if it keeps happening. Just keep bringing it back to the present.

Mindfulness is designed to change the body’s natural reaction to conditioned responses. It has been shown to assist in lowering pain and has a calming effect on the body.

Psoriasis sufferers can expect to see improvements in pain, itching, and stress.


Meditation is very similar to Mindfulness. With meditation, you focus on your breathing to bring you back to the present.

In a seated position, focus on your breath going in and out. If your mind wanders, slowly bring your concentration back to your next breath.

If your mind keeps wandering just keep bringing it back with your next breath. As you practice this more and more, you’ll get better at keeping yourself in the moment.

Try this 5 minute guided breathing exercise:

Meditation has the same effect on psoriasis sufferers as mindfulness. Many people see improvements in pain, less itching, less stress and fewer breakouts.


Acupressure is an Eastern therapy that has been used for thousands of years in China and other Eastern cultures. It is the process of applying pressure to specific parts of the body in order to relieve pain, stress and increase blood flow.

It is essentially acupuncture without the needles and believed to focus the body’s inner energy.

acupressure as an alternative treatment for psoriasis

Western doctors believe that these pressure points simply release endorphins and other chemicals that occur naturally in the body, but most still believe that it is effective.

Sessions last about an hour and it could take several sessions to get the full effects of acupressure.

One of the best parts of acupressure is that there are no real side effects, so feel free to try it if you’re interested. It can only help.


Acupuncture is another Eastern therapy that is similar to acupressure but uses needles to stimulate various points in the body.

Western medicine agrees that acupuncture helps with perceived pain, but they cannot agree if it helps with other types of illnesses. For those of us that have pain from psoriatic arthritis, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Just be sure that you go to a reputable acupuncture clinic as there is a chance for infection and other side effects if done improperly.


Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

As an alternative medicine, aromatherapy is starting to gain traction in the U.S. and other Western countries.

It’s believed to assist with pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function. The stress relief alone can have positive effects on psoriasis.

Spa Therapy

Spa therapy is normally associated with water therapy but can include mud baths and a wide variety of other treatments.

The combination of minerals and warm water that most often come with spa therapy can help relieve the itching of psoriasis and loosen the plaques that come with psoriasis.

Stiff, scarred skin can also benefit from spa therapy.


Massage therapy is a great way to counter the effects of psoriasis.

Massage therapy is a viable alternative treatment for psoriasisIt relieves stress and osteoarthritis pain. Just the removal of these two things can greatly improve the quality of life for psoriasis sufferers.


By trying these alternative psoriasis therapies, you may be able to get away from the prescription medicines and get back to natural ways to relieve your symptoms. You can also look into phototherapy to treat your psoriasis as another way to ease symptoms and flare-ups.

Combined with a topical cream designed to counter psoriasis symptoms, you should be able to nearly eliminate your psoriasis symptoms!


Managing the Psoriasis Itch – Don’t Suffer for No Reason!

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Many people find the itching associated with psoriasis to be worse than any other symptom. This article covers how to get rid of the itch of psoriasis and find some relief!

Somewhere between 70 and 90% of all psoriasis patients suffer from itching. You’re not alone, my psoriasis sometimes itches but I keep it in check with over the counter cream. Prior to that it would itch pretty much non stop.

The Effect of Psoriasis Itching

The itching isn’t only a minor side effect! It stops people from sleeping, reduces the overall quality of life and scratching only irritates the area more and can even lead to infection.

Itching in the armpit, groin, backside and other areas can be really embarrassing. For some people, it’s one of the leading reasons for embarrassment in public areas.

This embarrassment leads to stress, which aggravates both psoriasis and itching which in turn just makes the embarrassment even greater. It can become a vicious cycle.

Stopping the Itch

There are a number of over the counter and prescription medications that can help with itching. You can also try homeopathic cures.

Stop Scratching

psoriasis ointmentStopping scratching is one of the most important ways you can limit the itching. It can be difficult but it’s really something we need to strive for. If you have a combination burning and itching, like I do, it can be even worse.

While scratching can help the itching feel better in the short term, in the long term it only makes the symptoms worse.

Stay Moisturized

Keeping your skin moisturized can help with the itching and speed healing. Many people use thick petroleum-based moisturizers and cooking oil or even shortening.

Many people are like me and can’t simply slather the area with greasy moisturizers. For those people, I suggest a moisturizer that absorbs well and is purposely designed for psoriasis.

Remove the Scales

Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream can stop itchingSoftening and removing the scales can greatly lessen the itching effect. Creams with Salicylic acid do a good job of loosening the scales. Creams that have lactic acid or urea in them are also a good option.

Cold and Warm Water Can Help

Cold water can be soothing, especially if your psoriasis is in a difficult area to reach like your back. Others have good luck with warm (or even hot) water. Just do what works for you and try to keep hot showers or soaking for a limited amount of time.

Apple Cider Vinegar Works

For hands and feet, you can soak in straight apple cider vinegar. It works well but make sure you don’t soak for too long and don’t have any cracks in your skin…it does not feel good!

You can dilute the apple cider vinegar and put it on your scalp. It’s suggested that you don’t keep the vinegar on your scalp for more than 10 minutes at a time and only a couple times a week. This will keep it from drying out the rest of your scalp.


Capsaicin is the ingredient in chili peppers that causes the heat. You can find over the counter creams that contain capsaicin. The application of these creams can block the nerves that transmit pain signals to the brain.

Try Plastic Wrap

Wrapping an area with plastic wrap after you apply a cream can help keep the cream in place. This is a really good method to use at night.

Make sure your doctor approves this before you do it with any prescription meds.

Acupuncture Can Help

acupuncture can help psoriasisPsoriasis itching has shown to be very responsive to acupuncture. Holistic medicine like acupuncture isn’t always accepted by the mainstream medical community, but it very often has benefits that are hard to explain.

Acupuncture can also help stop the pain, and limit stress!

Yoga for Psoriasis

Yoga has helped me a lot in countering my psoriasis symptoms. It eases stress, helps with mobility and can reduce your weight. If you take only one thing from yoga, I hope it’s the deep breathing exercises!

Try Antihistamines

You can try either over the counter or prescription strength antihistamines. Many people get sleepy when taking antihistamines so they’re great if your itching keeps you awake at night!

If you’re worried about getting sleepy during the day, you can try the daytime formula.


I personally use Revitol Psoriasis Cream and deep breathing exercises to get rid of most of my psoriasis symptoms, including the itching.

The key is trying things until you find what works best for you!


What Triggers Psoriasis? – Learn How to Prevent Flare Ups!

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There are quite a few different things that can trigger psoriasis. When you’re done reading this article you’ll have a good idea what they are and how to prevent flare-ups.

What leads to flare-ups of psoriasis symptoms?

According to several scientific studies, close to 10% of the population has one of the genetic markers that can lead to psoriasis. Fortunately, only 2-3% of the population actually ends up having symptoms.

For those of us that fall into that 2-3%, it helps to know what can cause flare-ups so we can minimize the symptoms that we need to deal with.


Cold weather can dry out the skin and cause psoriasis symptoms to act up. Keeping your skin moisturized with a high-quality topical cream, like Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream, is a great way to keep prevent symptoms from popping up in cold weather.

Flare ups can be caused by cold weather.

You can try to use a humidifier in your house to help keep the air moist and avoid some of the drying effects of the cold weather.

Warm, sunny weather actually has been shown to keep psoriasis symptoms at bay.


Stress is one of the most common causes of psoriasis flare-ups. Learning relaxation techniques can help immensely when trying to treat stress in your daily life and help prevent flare-ups.

I really like incorporating about 30 mins of yoga as a way to relieve stress in my life. I find it very helpful to prevent my flare-ups.

Trauma to the Skin

Most people normally avoid trauma to the skin anyway, but this is a leading psoriasis trigger for some people. This is known as the Koebner phenomenon.

Bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, burns, vaccinations, and tattoos are all things that lead to a flare up for some people. Avoiding contact sports and other activities that have a high chance of causing skin trauma is a good idea.

Tattoos are especially likely to cause flare-ups. Injecting ink into the skin and repeatedly piercing it with a needle is obviously going to cause trauma. Many people experience a flare-up within 2 weeks of getting a new tattoo.


Like trauma, we all typically try to avoid infections. When we’re not lucky enough to be able to avoid them, they can lead to a psoriasis flare-up. Strep throat, yeast infections, thrush, staph infections and respiratory infections are all known to trigger psoriasis symptoms.

With psoriasis, your immune system is already compromised and fighting an inflammatory disease. Adding other infections in the mix can easily put it over the edge.


Certain drugs can also cause psoriasis symptoms to trigger. Medications that treat heart disease, mental issues, high blood pressure and arthritis can all trigger your psoriasis.

Reactions from medication aren’t only limited to those. Malaria meds, NSAIDs, steroids like prednisone, beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors can also cause flare-ups.

Certain meds will lead to more psoriasis outbreaks.

Make sure you talk to your doctor if you think there’s a connection between your psoriasis symptoms and the medication that you’re taking. They may be able to prescribe something else that will not lead to any negative side effects.

Never stop taking a prescription without consulting your doctor first!


This is something that all of us can control. Avoiding alcohol has been shown to limit the number of flare-ups that people experience.

Alcohol also affects the liver and doesn’t mix well with many prescription psoriasis medications.

There has been a close correlation shown between flare-ups and beer drinking, especially in women. 


Smoking is another activity that’s totally avoidable and is known to lead to worsening of psoriasis symptoms.

Quit smoking to reduce flare ups of psoriasisSmokers are more likely to have flare-ups, especially on the hands and feet. After I quit smoking, I noticed that the psoriasis on my hand got much better when I quit smoking!


Doctors believe that hormones play a part in when psoriasis first shows up.

Psoriasis can start at any age but times, when hormone levels are extreme, seem to be when they first show up. Puberty and menopause are common times for psoriasis to first show up.

Those between the ages of 20 and 30 and those between 50 and 60 are also at risk.

Food Related Triggers

I’ve covered this in other articles. Pretty much everything that tastes the best can lead to psoriasis triggers. Luckily a lot of us don’t react to food or only react to certain foods.

If you see a connection between certain foods and your flare-ups then you should try to avoid those foods.

Common foods are peppers, citrus, dairy products, fatty red meats, and gluten.

Too Much Sun

Short periods of sunlight have been shown to reduce psoriasis triggers. Sunburn, however, has the exact opposite reaction.

Up to about 20 minutes a day of sun can limit your flare-ups, but make sure you’re not burning! If you do it’s almost guaranteed to make your symptoms worse.


Doctors don’t all agree why obesity has been shown to increase flare-ups. There have been studies that show a low-calorie diet decreases the severity of symptoms.

Some doctors believe that obesity is more of a side effect of not doing things that help with psoriasis (exercise, diet, etc.) rather than the obesity itself being a cause.


Many psoriasis triggers are avoidable. Some simple lifestyle changes can go a long way toward preventing future flare-ups.

I suggest trying to reduce stress, quit smoking, limit drinking and trying out a good topical cream. Those are the best ways that I’ve found to prevent my own flare-ups.


Yoga for Psoriasis – Relieve Stress to Relieve Your Symptoms

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Yoga for psoriasis has been shown to help some people keep their outbreaks in check.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since yoga combines stretching, deep breathing, strengthening exercises and meditation all into one activity.

can yoga help psoriasisThe end result for many people that both suffer from psoriasis and do yoga is increased strength and mobility, weight loss, lower stress levels and more blood flow to the skin. All of these are things that can limit the severity of psoriasis outbreaks and flare-ups.


Where do you find a yoga teacher to help you explore yoga for psoriasis?

This is a question that many people have. If you’re not really familiar with yoga as a form of medical treatment then it can be difficult to find a teacher that specializes in that field.

The Yoga Alliance Directory is one place to find a teacher in your area. YouTube and other videos are also a great way to get professional instruction in your own home.

Some places that may provide pain focused yoga classes in your area are hospitals, the YMCA, and local medical centers.

How long will you have to dedicate to yoga a day?

Somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes a day seems to be recommended by most people. More hardcore yoga instructors recommend going for longer to see the most benefit.

I would suggest not looking at it as “How long do I have to do this for?” but instead see it as getting to relax for 15-30 minutes at a time. As you learn to focus on yourself and ease your stress and tension, yoga becomes very relaxing and enjoyable for most people.

Where should you start if you’re new to yoga?

Don’t let some of the crazy yoga moves you’ve seen people doing in the past intimidate you.

You don’t ever have to do those unless you decide it’s something that you want to do.

You can get the full stress relieving and flexibility benefits from yoga by just doing simple exercises.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises are a great place to begin. These breathing exercises relieve stress and are one of the keys to entering a meditative state.

bikram yoga psoriasisYou can begin by finding a quiet place. Then sit on the floor with your legs crossed, back upright, and arms relaxed on your knees. Breathe in as deeply as you can, pause for a second, and exhale all of the air out of your lungs.

Do this for 5-10 minutes. If you’re finding that your mind won’t calm down or you can’t relax then you can try this. Think to yourself “my body is relaxing” as you inhale. As you exhale think “my body is relaxed.”

I find talking to myself like that really helps me relax and is one of the best yoga techniques for psoriasis relief.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is another relaxation pose. It also stretches and lengthens the spine which can help relieve back pain.

yoga for scalp psoriasisStart by sitting back on your heels. Then, lean forward until your torso is on your thighs and forehead touches the floor.

From here, lay your arms along your sides and breath evenly, feeling your spine and lower back release and any tension washing away.

You can stay in this pose for up to several minutes. It’s normally used as a counter for backbend style stretching.

Other Poses

Just going online will let you quickly find some poses that you can try at home.

Just be sure that you’re not going to aggravate any preexisting injuries by doing yoga for psoriasis.

With any exercise routine, it’s always best to talk to your doctor before trying this for the first time.


I don’t like to say that yoga can cure psoriasis since that’s just not true. What yoga for psoriasis can do is drastically increase your mobility and help lessen the symptoms you experience.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Like most things, this will take some time before you see and changes to your psoriasis. Just stick with it and you should see results from incorporating yoga into your life.

Combining yoga with over the counter psoriasis cream can work wonders when you’re experiencing a flare-up. I highly recommend using the two together.


Lifestyle Changes to Manage Psoriasis – These Improvements Work!

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One of the best ways to prevent psoriasis from flaring up is with some simple (and not so simple) lifestyle changes.

On the surface, each of these changes is easy. I only say that they can also be difficult because changing the way that we live is easier said than done.

Don’t let that get you down! With some self-control and support, anyone can make these changes.

Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Manage Psoriasis Flare-Ups

Avoid Stress

Avoiding stress can go a long way to manage psoriasis symptoms.

Avoid stress to manage psoriasis symptoms

Easier said than done huh? It can be hard, but if you find ways to reduce your stress, then you’re less likely to have psoriasis flare-ups.

Doing yoga for 10-15 minutes a day or taking time out of your busy life to listen to relaxing music are both great ways to help yourself relax and relieve stress.

You can even try meditation or tai chi.


Exercise is very important in helping to manage psoriasis and keep flare-ups at bay. It also helps those of us with psoriatic arthritis from getting stiff and losing mobility.

Exercise increases blood flow to the skin and reduces your weight, risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This is especially important for psoriasis sufferers as we’re at an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Your exercises don’t even have to be that intense to be beneficial. Walk around when commercials come on, stand up at your desk for 5 minutes every hour or take the stairs rather than the elevator.

The key is to move more than you are right now. Do a little more each day and you’ll start seeing results in more ways than just decreased flare-ups.

Stop Smoking

Several studies have been done that show a direct link between smoking and the occurrences of psoriasis flare-ups. Smokers are also more likely to have psoriasis show up in the first place.

Quit smoking to reduce flare ups of psoriasisIt isn’t completely clear what it is in cigarettes that amplifies psoriasis symptoms, but smoking weakens the immune system and alters cell growth. Both of which are not good for psoriasis patients.

Limit Your Drinking

Consuming alcohol is a contributing factor in more frequent flare-ups and also increases the intensity of psoriasis symptoms. Anything more than one drink a day is probably going to have negative effects on your attempts to manage psoriasis symptoms.

Alcohol can cause dry skin and attack the body’s immune system. It also adds a ton of empty calories to your diet that can quickly lead to weight gain.

Excessive drinking also makes many oral medications less effective. This means that other types of medications you may be taking for your psoriasis could not work as well, or at all!

You also need to be careful because drinking can damage your liver, a pretty common side of effect of some medications prescribed for psoriasis.

Change Your Diet

This is the most difficult for me! I quit smoking, quit drinking and work out pretty regularly, but changing what I eat is always a struggle for me.

Increased weight has been found to directly correspond to the severity of psoriasis symptoms and the frequency of outbreaks. A balanced diet is the number one thing that can keep your weight down.

Certain foods can increase inflammation in the body. Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease so avoiding these can help a lot. Stay away from the following foods if you can:

  • Fatty Red Meats (the best kind!)
  • Dairy
  • Processed Foods
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers

Foods that reduce inflammation are flax seeds, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, fruits, and vegetables. Adding them to your diet in place of other things that cause inflammation can help a lot.

vegetables can reduce inflammation from psoriasis

Gluten-free diets also help manage psoriasis symptoms in about 25% of cases. There seems to be a connection between Celiac disease and the genetic pathway that leads to psoriasis. It could be worth a try if nothing else seems to be working.


Many of these lifestyle choices feed off of one another in a negative way and should be avoided if possible. It’s just something that you and I need to do in order to manage our psoriasis.

By making these changes in your life, and combining them with the best psoriasis cream on the market, you can drastically decrease the number and severity of your psoriasis flare-ups.